How to Be Your Own Boss

Is being your own boss on your list of goals? If so, then take a look at  flexibility and financial opportunity of becoming an Avon Representative.

How To Be Your Own Boss

Take calculated risks and invest in yourself and your business.

Use services and tools to help you save time and money.

Learn about the products. Use them and be genuine in your business and recommendations.

Face Challenges Head-on

Most challenging is striking the right work/life balance. Carol says “I am fortunate to have a really great business that I built to run with and without me, which allows me to put my family first.  Trying to work from home can be hard for other family members to know you’re focused on work and have that time,”

Reap The Benefits Of Being A Rep

“I’m my biggest customer”    There are minimal requirements to beginning your Avon sales journey, you need to be over 18 and self-motivated to work hard.
Carol has been fortunate to earn a number of trips with Avon including New York in 2016.   “I love the trips and the more you work and the better you do the more you get rewarded,” she says.

Best Advice

Take advantage of all the opportunities Avon provides and master one area, whether it’s social media posts, emails or recruiting. “You can build a really solid business by building on all areas of your Avon Business”

Don’t focus on trying to be perfect, focus on trying to be productive and improving yourself.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.

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